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Jaguar 4×4 Wheel Platform

Jaguar-4×4-wheel Mobile Robotic Platform is designed for indoor and outdoor operation requiring higher ground clearance and faster maneuverability. Jaguar-4×4-wheel platform is a wheeled version of the Jaguar-Lite platform. Jaguar-4×4-wheel is driven by four powerful (80W) motors, one for each wheel. Jaguar-4×4-wheel platform is rugged, light weight (< 20Kg), fast (max 15km/hr), with high ground clearance (88mm), compact, weather and water resistant. It is designed for tough terrains and capable of running over vertical step up to 155mm and climbing up low rise stairs (up to 110mm step). Jaguar-4×4-wheel is fully wirelessly 802.11N connected. It integrates outdoor GPS and 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass) for autonomous navigation. The integrated high resolution video/audio and optional laser scanner provide remote operator detail information of the surrounding. Besides the ready to use control and navigation software, a full development kit including SDK, data protocol and sample codes, is also available.

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  • Rugged and reliable mobile platform for indoor and outdoor applications with faster maneuverability (max 15Km/hr)
  • Indoor and outdoor operation requiring higher ground clearance and on tough terrains
  • Weather and water resistant enclosure
  • Climbing up > 45° slope or stairs (max 110mm or 4.5″)
  • Light weight (< 20Kg) and compact design with large payload capacity
  • Autonomous navigation with outdoor GPS and 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass)
  • Managing max 155mm (6”) vertical step (obstacle)
  • Surviving max 1200mm (4ft) drop to concrete
  • Integrated Laser scanner (Optional)
  • Integrated high resolution video camera with audio
  • All 802.11N wirelessly connected
  • Head mounted display (optional) and Gamepad controller providing outdoor operation with large and clear view even under direct sunlight
  • Ready to use control and navigation software
  • Full development kit including SDK, data protocol and sample codes, supporting Microsoft® Robotics Studio, Microsoft® Visual Studio, ROS, NI LabVIEW®, MATLAB®, Java®

Dr. Robot Jaguar 4x4 Mobile Platform(Click to Enlarge)

Upgrade Options:

These items can be quoted at order. 

  • Laser Scanner (4m)
  • Laser Scanner (5.6m)
  • Laser Scanner (30m)
  • Upgrade to 22.2V 20AH Li- Polymer Battery Pack
  • Head Mounted Display
  • Long Range Antenna
  • Waterproof Power Out Connector
  • Install Ethernet Waterproof Socket
  • Host Controller PC
  • Indoor GPS


Terrain: Sand, rock, concrete, gravel, grass, soil and others wet and dry
Slope: > 45°
Maximum vertical step: 155mm (6”)
Stair climbing: Max stair step height 110mm (4.5”)
Traverse: > 200mm (8”)
Speed: 0 – 15Km/hr
Turning radius: 0, min 750mm (29.5”) diameter of turning space
Ground clearance: 88mm (3.5”)
Operator remote control
Autonomous navigation with GPS and 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass)
Indoor vision landmark GPS (Optional)

Sealed weather resistant enclosure
Temperature: -30° to +40°
Shock resistant chassis
Drop to concrete: Max: 1200mm (4ft) Rated: 900mm (3ft)

Motion and sensing controller (PWM, Position and Speed Control)
5Hz GPS and 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass)
Laser scanner (5.6m, 4m or 30m) (Optional)
Temperature sensing & Voltage monitoring
Video / Audio

Color Camera (640×480, 30fps) with audio


Ethernet (Optional)
External Auxiliary Ports

Ethernet (Optional)
General purpose communication and power port (Optional)
Operator Control Unit

Gamepad Controller
Head mounted display (Dual 640 x 480), equivalent to 60” display viewed in 2.7m (9 feet)(optional)
Portable computer (Optional)

Rechargeable battery: LiPo 22.2V 10AH
LiPo battery charger
Nominal operation time: 2 hours (Optional 4 hours)

Wheel Motors (24V) : 4 units
Max output (after gear down) (x4): Max 80W,
Rated current: 2.75A, Max current 16A

Height: 265mm (10.5”)
Width: 573mm (22.5”)
Length: 615mm (24”)
Weight: 20.5Kg (Standard Configuration)

Carrying Payload (on flat surface): max 30Kg
Dragging Payload (on flat surface): max 50Kg
Application Development

Full development kit including SDK, data protocol and sample codes, support Microsoft® Robotics Studio, Microsoft® Visual Studio, ROS, NI LabVIEW®, MATLAB®, Java®

Jaguar 4×4 Wheel Core Components

  • JAGUAR4x4W-ME Jaguar 4×4 Wheel Chassis (including motors and encoders) 1
  • PMS5005-J4W Motion and Sensing Controller (Jaguar 4×4 Wheel Version) 1
  • WFS802G WiFi 802.11b/g Wireless Module 1
  • DMD2500 25A (peak 50A) Dual-channel DC Motor Driver Module 2
  • PMCHR12 DC-DC Power Board 1
  • AXCAM-A 640×480 Networked Color Camera (max. 30fps) with Two-Way Audio 1
  • OGPS501 Outdoor GPS Receiver with 5Hz Update Rate and WAAS 1
  • IMU9000 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass) 1
  • WRT802N 802.11N wireless AP/router 1
  • BPN-LP-10 22.2 V 10 AH LiPo Battery Pack 1
  • LPBC5000 2A LiPo Battery Charger 1
  • GPC0010 Gamepad Controller

Jaguar 4×4 Wheel User Guide

Additional information

Weight 21 kg