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Jaguar Lite Platform

Jaguar-Lite Mobile Robotic Platform is designed for indoor and outdoor operation requiring faster maneuverability. Jaguar-Lite is simply the Jaguar platform without the two articulated arms. Jaguar-Lite is fully wirelessly 802.11N connected. It integrates outdoor GPS and 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/ Accelerometer/Compass) for autonomous navigation. Jaguar-Lite platform is rugged, light weight (< 14Kg), compact, weather and water resistant. It is designed for tough terrains and capable of climbing up stairs (up to 180mm step). The integrated high resolution video/audio and optional laser scanner provide remote operator detail information of the surrounding. Besides the ready to use control and navigation software, a full development kit including SDK, data protocol and sample codes, is also available.

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  • Rugged and reliable mobile platform for indoor and outdoor applications with faster maneuverability (max 8.5Km/hr)
  • Indoor and outdoor operation on tough terrains
  • Weather and water resistant enclosure
  • Climbing up > 45° slope or stairs (max 180mm or 7″)
  • Light weight (< 14Kg) and compact design with large payload capacity
  • Autonomous navigation with outdoor GPS and 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass)
  • Managing max 180mm (7”) vertical step (obstacle)
  • Surviving max 900mm (3ft) drop to concrete
  • Integrated Laser scanner (Optional)
  • Integrated high resolution video camera with audio
  • All 802.11N wirelessly connected
  • Head mounted display (optional) and Gamepad controller providing outdoor operation with large and clear view even under direct sunlight
  • Ready to use control and navigation software
  • Full development kit including SDK, data protocol and sample codes, supporting Microsoft® Robotics Studio, Microsoft® Visual Studio, ROS, NI LabVIEW®, MATLAB®, Java®

Upgrade Options:

These items can be quoted at order. 

  • Laser Scanner (4m)
  • Laser Scanner (5.6m)
  • Laser Scanner (30m)
  • Upgrade to 22.2V 20AH Li- Polymer Battery Pack
  • Head Mounted Display
  • Long Range Antenna
  • Waterproof Power Out Connector
  • Install Ethernet Waterproof Socket
  • Host Controller PC
  • Indoor GPS


Terrain: Sand, rock, concrete, gravel, grass, soil and others wet and dry
Slope: > 45°
Maximum vertical step: 180mm (7”)
Stair climbing: Max stair step height 180mm (7”)
Traverse: > 200mm (8”)
Speed: 0 – 8.5Km/hr
Turning radius: 0, min 800mm (31.5”) diameter of turning space
Ground clearance: 38mm (1.5”)
Operator remote control
Autonomous navigation with GPS and 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass)
Indoor vision landmark GPS (Optional)


Sealed weather resistant enclosure
Temperature: -30° to +40°
Shock resistant chassis
Drop to concrete: Max: 900mm (3ft) Rated: 600mm (2ft)

Motion and sensing controller (PWM, Position and Speed Control)
5Hz GPS and 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass)
Laser scanner (5.6m, 4m or 30m) (Optional)
Temperature sensing & Voltage monitoring
Video / Audio

Color Camera (640×480, 30fps) with audio


Ethernet (Optional)
External Auxiliary Ports

Ethernet (Optional)
General purpose communication and power port (Optional)
Operator Control Unit

Gamepad Controller
Head mounted display (Dual 640 x 480), equivalent to 60” display viewed in 2.7m (9 feet) (optional)
Portable computer (optional)

Rechargeable battery: LiPo 22.2V 10AH
LiPo battery charger
Nominal operation time: 3 hours (Optional 6 hours)

Track Motors (24V): 2 units
Max output (after gear down) (x2): Max 80W,
Rated current: 2.75A, Max current 16A

Height: 176mm (7”)
Width: 470mm (18.5”)
Length: 640mm (25.2”)
Weight: 13.5Kg (Standard Configuration)

Carrying Payload (on flat surface): max 13Kg
Dragging Payload (on flat surface): max 30Kg
Application Development

Full development kit including SDK, data protocol and sample codes, support Microsoft® Robotics Studio, Microsoft® Visual Studio, ROS, NI LabVIEW®, MATLAB®, Java®

Jaguar Lite Core Components

  • JAGUARLite-ME Jaguar Lite Chassis (including motors and encoders) 1
  • PMS5005-JL Motion and Sensing Controller (Jaguar Lite Version) 1
  • WFS802G WiFi 802.11b/g Wireless Module 1
  • DMD2500 25A (peak 50A) Dual-channel DC Motor Driver Module 1
  • PMCHR12 DC-DC Power Board 1
  • AXCAM-A 640×480 Networked Color Camera (max. 30fps) with Two-Way Audio 1
  • OGPS501 Outdoor GPS Receiver with 5Hz Update Rate and WAAS 1
  • IMU9000 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/Compass) 1
  • WRT802N 802.11N wireless AP/router 1
  • BPN-LP-10 22.2 V 10 AH LiPo Battery Pack 1
  • LPBC5000 2A LiPo Battery Charger 1
  • GPC0010 Gamepad Controller 1

Jaguar Lite User Guide 

Additional information

Weight 14 kg